28 Oct, 2019

Revolutionising Asphalt Compaction: The Dynapac CC1200VI Plus Double Drum Roller

Thursday, March 14, 2024

In the world of road construction, innovation is crucial for efficiency. The sixth generation of Dynapac CC1200VI Plus small asphalt rollers is a testament to smart design and operator-friendly performance.

Featuring a unique cross-mounted engine and a relocated water tank for better visibility, the CC1200VI Plus is designed with the operator in mind. Optional features like a sliding seat and LED working lights enhance the overall experience.

Efficient eccentrics ensure optimal performance during vibration start up, providing high-frequency compaction with dual frequency options. The machine’s adjustable offset function allows for precise compaction near walls and curbs, with optional attachments for added versatility.

The CC1200VI Plus prioritises operator comfort with a spacious, vibration-damped platform, adjustable seat, and intuitive controls.

The pressurised sprinkler system guarantees smooth and reliable compaction, with features like Automatic Water Control fitted standard and 50 Litre water tank minimising downtime. Transportation is made easy with flexible options and a foldable ROPS for cross-loading on trucks.

Safety features include failsafe brakes, a low operator platform, and ergonomic design for easy machine access. The interlock ensures no accidental starting, enhancing on-site safety.

From visibility and modern instrument panels to offset capabilities and an efficient sprinkler system, the CC1200VI Plus is packed with features for precise and effective compaction.

Dynapac understands the importance of cost control in road construction. Operator efficiency, low maintenance requirements, high-quality wear parts, retained equipment value, and fuel efficiency contribute to significant cost savings throughout the machine’s lifecycle.

The Dynapac CC1200VI Plus is more than just a roller; it’s a game-changer, combining advanced technology with operator comfort and cost-effectiveness for a smoother road ahead.

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