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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


A civil construction contractor established two new multipurpose basketball courts at a large high school in Sydney Australia. The contractor primarily designs, builds and maintains specialty sporting surfaces along the east coast of Australia and has major contracts with some of the large sporting complexes. The court construction process involves the placement of an asphalt layer as one of the final stages prior to the specialist sealer being applied. This asphalt layer must be laid with remarkable accuracy as the final product needs to meet stringent specification regarding flatness and slope.



The machine must be small and nimble enough to move around inside the tight dimension of the court. It must have sufficient power and traction to operate on base layers without being bogged. It must have the ability to work with astonishing accuracy to ensure the final court is within specification. Finally it must be versatile enough to ensure the unit is profitable to the business.



Enter the Dynapac F1200CS which is a remarkably compact yet powerful paver. With an overall length of under 4.5m and a standard width of 1.2m the machine is perfect to operate within tight spaces.  Drive tracks 1400mm long and 205mm wide ensure the massive 54kW of engine power is easily transferred to any surface without slippage. Equipped with the Dynapac V240TVE screed which is electrically heated, tamping and vibrating the Dynapac F1200 paver ensures high pre compaction and excellent surface quality with astonishing accuracy. This compact paver offers maximum reliability through the use of high quality components and state of the art design and manufacturing. The high quality build components and design also makes the F1200CS paver perfect for not only asphalt application but also to lay gradual base products, this gives the machine the versatility to ensure it is profitable within the contractors scope of works.


The complete Dynapac paver product range is built to stringent standards with world class components and design concepts. Contact us today on 1300 788 757 to find out more about our Dynapac pavers.

Paver F1200CS

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