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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dynapac is introducing the sixth generation of large double drum rollers to increase productivity and safety on large projects.  Increased government investment in large infrastructure projects across the country is prompting the need for new and innovative equipment.

Within this burgeoning landscape, large double drum rollers are playing a key role in improving efficiencies onsite as they enable operators to cover a larger area, thereby increasing compaction efficiency. Due to the underlying fundamentals of the compaction process, equipment ultimately travels in reverse as much as it does forward. This reverse travel is a major safety concern within the asphalt industry and equipment suppliers are working to refine asphalt rollers for the industry.

The challenge for manufacturers is increasing safety while also accommodating new ideas to raise productivity. This need recently prompted Dynapac to create its sixth generation large double drum roller.

While not only improving safety and productivity, Dynapac has sought to enhance operator efficiency, compaction control and visibility.

Chris Parkin, Product Manager for Dynapac Paving Products, says the CC4200VI will allow Dynapac to keep up with ever evolving market demands.

“The new generation six machines set a precedent for the future of Dynapac machines in Australia. It really is about aligning the product with the increasing demand set out by the market,” Mr. Parkin says.

The Dynapac CC4200VI double drum vibratory roller sits in the 10-tonne machine class. Mr. Parkin says the industry standard for rollers this size is about eight tonnes. In order to cover more surface area at a quicker rate, the Dynapac CC4200VI double drum vibratory roller offers extra weight and compaction width for increased productivity and efficiency.

“When a customer really needs to get compaction quality over large areas and deep depths, they can use bigger machines with larger rolling widths such as Dynapac’s new double drum roller,” Mr. Parkin says.

Each drum on the Dynapac CC4200VI is 1680 millimetres wide. Mr. Parkin says its width and overall size make the roller suited to larger projects.

“For this size of machine, customers are looking at highways, airports and other major projects,” he says.

The new Dynapac CC4200VI double drum roller addresses the issue of reversing machines on site with major operators platform upgrades.

The roller features a 255-degree swivelling seat and control panel that follows the seat, enabling the operator to face forwards at all times.

Mr. Parkin says there is now an industry-wide push towards forward-facing machines so operators don’t have to look over their shoulder, an issue which often leads to blind spots and workplace injuries.

“Operators can simply pull the lever and swing their seat around to face the direction required. This means there is no longer a reverse direction – the operator is always facing the direction of travel, increasing visibility and awareness,” Mr. Parkin says.

In addition to its turning capabilities, the seat is able to move side to side for increased vision over both drums.

“An operator can move the seat all the way over to the asymmetric right hand side for increased visibility over the drum edges. The design of the low profile water tank and frame enable the operators to see an object only one metre tall, just one metre from the front or rear of the machine. This means visibility is excellent with limited blind spots,” he says.

Other features of the Dynapac CC4200VI roller include an electric steering wheel, which rotates with the seat, and a 520-millimetre offset of the front drum to allow for a tighter turning radius and better compaction ability alongside curbs and obstacles.

“The cabin has an improved operator interface with a large colour touch display allowing easy access to all critical machine data, along with an ergonomic selector dial and push button start function. The main drive controls are identical to previous models, making it easy for operators to transfer from older models straight into this one without issues,” Mr. Parkin says.

The sixth generation of large double drum rollers also offers the option of oscillation compaction. The Dynapac CO4200VI roller comes equipped with one vibrating drum and one oscillating drum, allowing the operator to select the most suitable system for the application on hand.

“Dynapac has really focused on wear resistance and serviceability when designing the oscillating technology in the CO4200VI machine. The drums are built from Hardox 450 steel and access panels built into the drum, making timing belt adjustments and changes a very easy job,” Mr. Parkin says.

Construction Equipment Australia (CEA), the distributor of Dynapac machines to the construction industry in Australia, is also able to cater to customers after their purchase.

“We have branches in each capital city around Australia with factory-trained service teams, allowing us to support customers with any product queries or concerns at all times,” Mr. Parkin says.
He says CEA is excited to introduce the sixth generation Dynapac machines to its customers and the Australian market.

“These machines really set the bar for Dynapac and what they can offer for the Australian market. We really feel the new generation of machines set Dynapac ahead of competitors.”

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