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The Northern Connector will be a sixlane, 15.5-kilometre motorway to link between the Northern Expressway, the South Road Superway and the Port River Expressway in South Australia scheduled for completion late this year.

The project is highly focused on delivering economic benefits to the South Australian community. For this reason, local South Australian company RAM Equipment is supplying construction machinery to the project.

To prepare the extensive road base requirements for the Northern Connector Project, RAM Equipment knew from previous experience supplying large projects that it needed single drum soil compactor rollers that could increase efficiencies on-site.

Having used Dynapac machines since the company was established in 2014, Michael Grace, Sales Director at RAM Equipment, went to Construction Equipment Australia to purchase the latest Dynapac single drum soil rollers.

RAM Equipment now has an array of single-drum rollers ranging from CA1500 up to CA3500, including both smooth drum and pad drum varieties.

“We continually use Dynapac machines because they have the best compaction rates in the market, with optimised vibration frequencies and market-leading static linear load. These machines significantly increase productivity,” Mr. Grace says.

Energy created by the vibrations is absorbed by the soil leading to its compaction. Optimised vibration frequency and static linear load results in the most efficient compaction.

“With an increased compaction rate, the machine is required to do fewer passes over the area, which saves a lot of time day to day.”

Increased compaction also results in diesel savings, lowering the amount of carbon emissions the machine produces and the cost involved for the end user.

The Dynapac Roller machines now feature an Eco-Mode, which further reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Along with the automatic idle down feature, it ensures the roller does not consume more fuel than needed.

“Our client feedback shows they really value machines that are fuel efficient because that is a huge operational saving for them. So both the increased compaction productivity and lowered fuel costs are really attractive,” Mr. Grace says.

The CA1500 models are in the smaller range of Dynapac’s single drum rollers and are designed for compaction operations in pipe trenches, on roads and parking lots.

Mr. Grace says these rollers provide great manoeuvrability due to their compact size.

The CA3500 models are in Dynapac’s medium range and have been designed for long working days in the harshest conditions. These machines are suited to compact all types of base courses and sub-base courses including rock fill, as the rollers feature a 35-millimetre-thick drum shell to ensure resistance to wear.

Mr. Grace says as well as being suited to a wide range of applications, the rollers have a high comfort level for the operators. “The operator’s station has plenty of room to move around and the unique swivelling seat design is a real benefit for operators,” he says.

The seat on each of the rollers can rotate up to 180 degrees, which provides a broad visibility range for operators. This enables a significant portion of the worksite to be seen and reduces operator fatigue caused by looking backwards over their shoulder. The engine module on Dynapac’s soil roller range also help to increase comfort for operators by lowering the cabin noise level.

“The cooling air intake is placed at the top of the hood with an outlet down the side of the machine as well as sound insulation built into the cabin. Both features work together to reduce noise inside the cabin,” Mr. Grace says.

Safety functions also increase peace of mind for the operators such as factory fitted emergency stops and an Electronic Drive Control function with a quick brake application to shorten braking
distances in emergencies.

Mr. Grace says he is impressed with the safety features of the machines and he also ensures all RAM equipment is fitted with full site safety spec requirements, such as flashing lights and lockable battery isolators.

Due to the popularity of the rollers, RAM Equipment has also supplied the machines to the Oaklands Rail Crossing upgrade in South Australia.

Mr. Grace says it is not just the machine’s quality but the quality of service which makes RAM Equipment a returning customer. “There is always really great follow up service from the Construction Equipment Australia team. They are always willing to listen to our feedback, and most importantly, they bring great coffees when they visit,” he says.

The team offers preventative maintenance kits with all machines, tailored to match each piece of equipment, as well as  providing an inspection and service program to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum throughout the machines’ working life.

“Not only do we think the Dynapac soil rollers are the best on the market to perform for the job, but the added extras with safety, operator comfort, and service from the Construction Equipment Australia team keep us coming back for more,” Mr. Grace says.

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