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Monday, June 24, 2019

As anyone in the paving game will know, achieving a quality finish relies as much on the screed as it does on the paver itself. From material flow, through to pre-compaction, shaping and matching levels, the paver and screed must work together in perfect unison to deliver a quality finish. And it’s not just about the finish – it’s also about the amount of hand-work required to achieve the required result.

Put simply, a poorly performing screed can result in a lot of additional manual work for the paving crew: fixing edges, matching levels, spreading material and removing excess material.

With that in mind, the Dynapac FC1600C Asphalt Paver and VF0816C Screed have been specifically designed to work together to deliver highway class results in a commercial class package.

Quality built in the USA and powered by a Japanese-built 74 kW (99hp) Cummins QSB 3.3 diesel engine with double pump drive system, the Dynapac FC1600C has plenty of power to push fully
loaded trucks, while its extreme grade poly pad tracks, rebuildable wear-resistant conveyor floor plates and segmented high-wear augers ensure that it has the robust reliability to keep it working – even under the harshest operating conditions.

The paver features two bottom augers mounted with the screed extensions to provide continuous delivery of material for wide width paving applications. Chris Parkin, National Product Manager – Pavers & Feeders with Australian Dynapac distributor Construction Equipment Australia, explained:

“The FC1600C paver has a unique 4 auger feed system, with two of the augers mounted directly to the screed extensions. This allows the augers to follow the extensions when they move, thereby providing a constant and stable flow of material all the way to the outer edge.”

“In practical terms, out on the job, this system means less hand work for the operators and more stable level control – even at wide working widths,” he added.

Ultrasonic sensors automatically control auger and conveyor speeds, while the unit’s 16-kilowatt generator provides high-precision electric heat to the screed.

Weighing in at 2,040kg, the VF0816C screed delivers outstanding pre-compaction and mat quality.

“The VF0816C screed not only offers a class-leading screed weight for a high level of pre compaction, it also provides the versatility of electric heating, hydraulic crown adjustment, hydraulic extension slope adjustment and hydraulic extension height adjustment,” Chris Parkin said.

“Working together, these functions not only allow for precise overlays and matching of existing surfaces, they also save a significant amount of hand work and excessive material placement – boosting pavement quality and productivity,” he concluded.

Building on their success in the international market, the Dynapac FC1600C paver and VF0816C Screed is now available in Australia, with the first unit on show at Construction Equipment Australia’s Sydney sales centre.

This article originally appeared in the Apr/ May edition of Highway Engineering Australia.

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