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Monday, December 9, 2019

As any equipment operator will tell you, next to ease-of-operation, one of the most critical factors with any piece of equipment is visibility. After all, if the operator can’t easily see what they’re doing or where they’re going, it can have a major impact on both the quality of the work and, perhaps most importantly, safety on the worksite.

Now, thanks to an innovative new tandem roller from global compaction and equipment specialists Dynapac, the problems with poor visibility from the operator cabin are a thing of the past. Speaking about the new Dynapac CC4200VI, Chris Parkin, National Product Manager with Australian Dynapac distributor Construction Equipment Australia, explained that the cabin design represents a major step forward in both safety and operability.

“Dynapac has been at the forefront of large asphalt roller design and manufacture since 1964, and over that time has not only been credited with a number of major innovations but has also gained an enviable reputation for ease-of-use and performance in the field. The CC4200VI, takes it to the next level.”

“From the operator’s perspective alone, the fact that the seat and steering module can swivel a full 255 degrees in the cabin, means that the operator is always facing in the right direction. As well as providing the operator with an excellent view of the work, it also allows them to clearly see any obstacles or hazards in the path of the roller,” Chris Parkin added.

To achieve this, the engineers at Dynapac set about totally redesigning the operator cabin. The seat and steering module can be swivelled and are slidable between the left side and right side of the roller. This makes it possible for the operator to slide over and see the drum edges in a more ergonomic way while remaining in full contact will all operator controls.

The seat can be swivelled up to 255 degrees, allowing the operator to face fully to the rear of the unit – for all intents, eliminating the limitations of defined forward and reverse working directions. This innovative design delivers a significant boost in worksite safety, whilst also providing the operator with the same full contact/full control ergonomics when the roller is moving backwards as when it is moving forwards.

Together with the intuitive, easy-tooperate control panel, another key to the success of this new cabin design is the inclusion of an electronic mini-steering wheel that makes it even easier to steer the roller smoothly and accurately – taking the ergonomics and manoeuvrability to an even higher level. Accuracy is further enhanced thanks to the CC4200VI’s active front drum steering and drum off-set function. As well as providing outstanding manoeuvrability and control, being able to steer the front drum and off-set it by up to 520mm, makes it easy to compact around kerbs and other obstacles with outstanding accuracy.

Needless to say, being an asphalt roller, it’s not just about the operator cabin and manoeuvrability – it’s also very much about the compaction.

“The new CC4200VI is one of Dynapac’s ‘sixth generation’ machines, and while it delivers an array of new features capabilities, as with the previous generations of machines, it hasn’t lost focus on the primary job at hand, namely, compaction,” Chris Parkin said.

“These new machines continue Dynapac’s successful concept of providing a choice of high vibration frequency with low amplitude for compaction of thin asphalt layers. The new generation of
double drum rollers can also be equipped with oscillation in place of conventional vibration” he added.

High frequency compaction has long been an important feature on Dynapac asphalt rollers. Modern thin layer asphalt needs to be compacted fast because it cools off quickly. A higher amplitude will compact fast but might crush the aggregate material. Dynapac’s concept of using high vibration frequency with low amplitude delivers high efficiency and highly effective compaction on modern thin asphalt layers.

Importantly, the inclusion of the rear oscillating drum will further protect not only the aggregate but also the general construction site from high vibration emissions, this can become very important when working near or on vibration sensitive buildings or installations.

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