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Monday, May 21, 2018

Dynapac’s double drum asphalt rollers were number one in Australia for 2017 with the majority of rollers sold into the market last year being from Dynapac’s double drum asphalt roller range (otherwise referred to as the CC range).

Dynapac’s Double Drum Asphalt Rollers

Dynapac’s double drum asphalt roller range features everything from the most compact equipment for maintenance and repair jobs to largest machines for the biggest road projects. The entire range comes standard with rubber isolated drum, vibration dampened platforms, operator friendly controls, roll over protective structures (ROPS) and part of the range has the option of drum offset ability.

All of these features combine to contribute to market leading manoeuvrability, operator ergonomics and safety. The range is complemented by a complete suite of combination rollers with 4 pneumatic tyres on the rear.

Dynapac’s double drum asphalt rollers standard operating weights from 1,600kg to 10,900kg.

Small Asphalt Rollers

Dynapac’s range of small tandem asphalt rollers includes the CC800, CC900, CC900S and CC1000. These asphalt rollers are used primarily for small-scale compaction work such as pavements, cycle paths, small roads and small parking areas – places that need compaction but are difficult to reach with a larger roller.

These small tandem rollers come with an operating mass of approximately 1.6 tons and drum widths of 800, 900 and 1000mm.

Mid-Size Asphalt Rollers

Dynapac’s articulated compact tandem rollers– the Dynapac CC1100, CC1200 and CC1300 – are designed for compaction on city streets where size and noise matter most. The series have an operating weight of 2.4 tons to 4 tons and are available with double steel vibratory drums or one vibration drum and four static rubber tires – a combi version. All models feature design improvements and an engine, which is quieter than ever.

Large Asphalt Rollers

Our tandem rollers are designed with efficiency in mind – application efficiency, operator efficiency, compaction control efficiency and service efficiency. Performance, visibility, operators comfort, compaction control and serviceability for the CC line will appeal to owners, operators and service crews. The environmental benefits appeal to everyone.

All models have high frequency vibration as standard.

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