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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Civil Force is an earthmoving and civil contracting company operating out of Geelong, Victoria. According to Shane Norris, Managing Director for Civil Force, the Dynapac CT3000 static soil compactor was purchased due to an existing relationship with Construction Equipment Australia (CEA).

“We have a fleet of 19 JCB machines that we have purchased through CEA,” says Shane. “We have received very good service from CEA over the years.”

He adds, “We originally purchased a Dynapac 3 tonne smooth drum roller and I’ve been really happy with it.”

“Then we bought the CT3000 a couple of months ago and it has been a great machine as well,” says Shane.


Civil Force

Civil Force conducts detailed earthworks and underground work. The success of the business has been due to a strong commitment to quality and excellent customer service. Services include bitumen profiling, boring, bulldozing, drainage, electric site preparation, land development, land clearing, pre- excavation, pot holing, project management, pre-excavation preparation and retaining walls.


CT3000 Tamping Compactor

The Dynapac CT3000 tamping compactor has been designed to efficiently achieve specified densities on cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. With an operating weight of 22 tons, and an average production capacity of 900 cubic meters per hour, the Dynapac CT3000 is ideal on projects such as highways, dams and airport runways where large volume earthwork is required.


Excellent Performance

Driven by a powerful turbo-diesel engine, the Dynapac CT3000 features an automatic 4-speed transmission that provides optimum all-wheel traction for high productivity. The front oscillating axle works independently of the optional strike-off blade and the rigid rear axle. This enables the blade to work in a permanently level position and ensures uniform distribution of soil on any type of terrain. The square pads of the compacting drums have been optimized in size and pattern to maximize the energy transmitted to the soil, which helps the Dynapac CT3000 produce uniform compaction density with minimum scarification. The drums are offset by the width of a pad so that the rear drum compacts areas that have not been compacted by the front drum. Therefore, a double pass of the machine results in a compaction width of 4.4 meters. This means the Dynapac CT3000 can cover a larger area in fewer passes, saving time, fuel and money on the job, as well as minimizing the environmental impact of the machine.


Comfort, operational ease and safety

The ergonomic operator’s station has been designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. An adjustable seat with a variable suspension provides a comfortable ride and the control consul provides the operator with easy access to all functions and a clear view of the LED panel displaying machine information. Excellent visibility in all directions helps the operator maintain control of the machine, including the strike-off blade, for superior compaction results and safe operation. Additional safety features include a low centre of gravity to ensure optimum stability of the machine and two brake systems – a service brake with an independent double circuit that acts on all four drums, and a parking brake that acts on the transmission.


Excellent manoeuvrability

The hydrostatic steering allows a steering angle of 40° to either side and a turning radius of less than 6.3 meters for easier manoeuvrability in tight areas.

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