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Monday, January 13, 2020

When it comes to hire equipment, reliability is paramount – especially with large construction equipment! Non-functioning or poorly performing equipment can not only result in project delays and expensive downtime, it can also spell disaster for a contractor’s reputation. Put simply, if you’re hiring equipment for a project, you need to be certain that when it arrives at the job site, it’s going to be fully functional and ready to go, and that it will perform as expected.

With that in mind, when it came to purchasing three new vibratory rollers for their equipment hire fleet, the team at Perth-based equipment specialists Mayday Services Australia had no hesitation in choosing the Dynapac CA4600D. Managing Director Bryce Abbott explained: “When we send equipment out into the field, we need to be sure that it’s going to perform as expected, without any problems. After all, with hire equipment, it’s only booked when it’s needed – and our customers expect it to arrive at the job site ready to work.”

“What’s more, our customers also need to be sure that the machines will keep working for the duration of the project – regardless of whether that’s a few days, a few months, or longer,” he said. “We have more than 30 Dynapac rollers in our fleet, and we’ve always found them to be robust and reliable, and easily able to stand up to the additional challenges of being part of a hire fleet such as widely varying work conditions and lots of different operators.”

“Needless to say, when it came to selecting the three new rollers, it was an easy decision to make – especially given the performance of our existing Dynapac rollers,” Bryce added.
The largest of Dynapac’s medium-heavy vibratory rollers, the CA4600 delivers the ideal combination of manoeuvrability and compaction performance. Engineered for maximum versatility and reliability in the field, the CA4600D has been specifically designed for long working days in tough applications, making it an ideal choice for all manner of jobs – from major infrastructure projects, through to remote road and construction projects, and everything in between.

Making a total of 10 new Dynapac rollers this year alone, Perth-based equipment specialists Mayday Services Australia recently took delivery of three new Dynapac CA4600D rollers for their hire fleet.
Weighing in at 13,700kg, and delivering a static linear load of 41kg/cm across its 2130mm drum width, the Dynapac CA4600D is able to efficiently compact all types of base courses and reinforcement courses to considerable depth. Importantly, the unit’s 35mm thick drum shell ensures excellent resistance to wear – even in compaction operations on rockfill.

Powered by the Deutz TCD2012L06 (IIIA/3) water cooled turbo Diesel engine – producing an impressive 128 kW (174 hp) @ 2200rpm – the Dynapac CA4600D delivers the ideal combination or power and reliability – even under the most demanding operating conditions. What’s more, thanks to Dynapac’s innovative ECO Mode, the CA4600D consumes 15–20% less diesel than the previous range without ECO Mode – without sacrificing performance. This reduction in fuel consumption, combined with other features such as reduced operating noise levels, make the new Dynapac CA4600D one of the ‘greenest’ rollers on the market today.

Importantly, these innovative operating features have not come at the expense of operator comfort or ease-of-use. Indeed, the ergonomic cab layout, operator comfort, excellent visibility and use-of-use are also proving to be popular with operators.

“While the key measure of performance is always going to be compaction, operability and operator comfort are also both critical factors. After all, the operators are in the machines for numerous hours each day, and if the cab is uncomfortable, or it has poor visibility or the machine is difficult to use or manoeuvre, it can have a major impact on productivity,” Bryce Abbott said.

“We’ve purchased a total of 10 new Dynapac rollers this year, and they’ve all proven to be extremely popular with customers and their operators,” he said.
“They do a great job out in the field, and the operators like using them – so from an equipment perspective, they tick all of the boxes,” he concluded.

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