Our retail branches are located in the metropolitan cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Each branch is fully equipped with a service centre, parts warehouse and new machines.








NSW Service

Service Enquiries: 02 9838 5005
Service Manager: Celso Poblete
E: c.poblete@cea.net.au
M: 0438 327 940




NSW Parts

Parts Enquires: 02 8788 8500
Parts Manager: Chris Formosa
E: c.formosa@cea.net.au
M: 0427 060 999


QLD Service

Service Enquiries: 07 3715 3250
Service Manager: Chris Schloss
E: c.schloss@cea.net.au
M: 0408 800 962


QLD Parts

Parts Enquiries: 07 3715 3211
Parts Manager: Jayden Bormann
E: j.bormann@cea.net.au
M: 0408 325 439


VIC Service

Service Enquiries:  03 9797 3404
Service Manager: Trent Waight
E: t.waight@cea.net.au

VIC Parts

Parts Enquiries: 03 9797 3444
Parts Manager: Cameron Price
E: c.price@cea.net.au
M: 0418 358 427


SA Service

Service Enquiries: 08 8260 7911
Service Manager: Rob Pigliacelli
E: r.pigliacelli@cea.net.au
M: 0407 200 345

SA Parts

Parts Enquiries: 08 8260 7911
E: saparts@cea.net.au
Parts Manager: Dave Mladovan
E: d.mladovan@cea.net.au
M: 0407 757 744

WA Service

Service Enquiries: 08 6253 7500
E: servicewa@cea.net.au
Service Manager: James McBain
M: 0475 212 013

WA Parts

Parts Enquiries: 08 6253 7500
E: waparts@cea.net.au
Parts Manager: Wayne Udell
E: w.udell@cea.net.au
M: 0418926470

We pride ourselves on our reputation for high-quality products, superb service and unrivalled expertise.

For us, it’s not just about selling a machine and then walking away. It’s about finding the right product for you, getting to know your business and helping you to continue to get the best from your machines throughout their lifespan.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of product support to our customers. We employs factory trained sales & service specialists dedicated to improving the relationship with your machine.

Safety Datasheets Available Here