Dynapac presents its series of pneumatic tyre static rollers, the range includes machines in the 12t, 21t and 27t weight classes, the range offers machines with weights as low as 6,000kg unballasted and weights as high as 27,000kg with maximum ballast. The range incorporates several new features to enhance efficient, serviceability, operator comfort and the finished product result. The unique c ab design offers an outstanding workplace for the operators. The range of static rollers can be utilised on a wide range of applications. Finish rolling on asphalt and chip seal applications are the obvious ones however soil compaction can also be carried out with top quality. Air-onthe- run options and backup sprinkler systems further enhance the end result quality and machine uptime. The
unique flexible ballast systems offered by the Dynapac static roller range provide excellent machine flexibility on the fly. In additional to the pneumatic tyre static rollers Dynapac also offers a unique articulated three point roller.