28 Oct, 2019

The Dynapac CC2200 Asphalt Roller – Efficiency and Excellence

Monday, September 25, 2023

In the realm of construction and road development, the Dynapac CC2200 Asphalt Double Drum Roller stands tall as a paragon of innovation, offering peak performance, sustainability, and operator satisfaction in a single machine. With a 1500mm rolling width, the CC2200 is poised to redefine road construction.

Efficiency is the core ethos of Dynapac’s tandem rollers, and the CC2200 epitomises this. It’s designed for application efficiency, operator productivity, compaction control, and easy servicing – benefits that resonate with owners, operators, service crews, and environmentalists alike.

One of its standout features is its consistent delivery of top-notch results. Features like soft starting and stopping prevent asphalt layer irregularities, even in the hands of an inexperienced operator. In emergencies, the CC2200 reacts swiftly, ensuring safety.

Uptime is a precious commodity in construction, and the CC2200 excels here. Its double pump vibration system eliminates a vibration valve, enhancing efficiency, serviceability, and fuel economy. With a 750-liter water capacity, it’s ready for extended operations.

Operators enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. A corrosion-free water tank in the front frame provides an unobstructed 1 x 1-meter view and full visibility of working functions. Customisation options ensure comfort and safety.

An intuitive LCD control panel provides operators with vital information, simplifying navigation and contributing to precise compaction.

Versatility is a hallmark of the CC2200. It efficiently compacts any asphalt mix, adapting to various job requirements with its high frequency/low amplitude for thin layers and high amplitude for thick ones.

The optional offset drum and asymmetric cab make operation a breeze. Powerful engine options from Cummins and Deutz, along with automatic idling and a fuel-efficient hydraulic system, ensure low consumption.

Operator comfort remains a priority, with a slide-able and turn-able seat and reduced vibrations on the operator’s platform.

Environmental responsibility is a key focus. Reduced fuel consumption, quieter operation, emissions control, and an optional EcoMode with up to 15% fuel savings make the CC2200 eco-friendly. Biodegradable hydraulic fluid is available, and an automatic idling system keeps emissions in check.

Maintenance is hassle-free, with easily accessible daily service points, engine access, lubrication-free steering components, and extended service intervals.

The Dynapac CC2200 Asphalt Double Drum Roller represents the pinnacle of construction equipment design. Its unwavering dedication to efficiency, operator comfort, and environmental sustainability sets it apart as a game-changer in the industry. As we continue to shape and maintain our vital infrastructure, the CC2200 is a beacon of innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of construction machinery. Dynapac has once again raised the bar, ensuring a smoother road ahead for all.

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