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Monday, August 12, 2019

When it comes to road building or pavement repairs, finding the right equipment for jobs in challenging inner-city locations or those with limited access – or for that matter, jobs in rural and/or remote areas that require equipment to be transported significant distances – can represent a major challenge.

On the one hand, the equipment you’d like to use – with the ‘top of the line’ features and capabilities that you want – may be too large to justify for use a smaller job or, quite simply, physically too large to access, manoeuvre or use on the jobsite itself. While on the other hand, smaller, more compact equipment may not offer the features, capabilities or productivity that you need on-site.

And there are the transport and logistics costs to consider. Put simply, when it comes to transporting equipment to and from the worksite – the larger the equipment, the higher the cost, and these costs can have a major impact on the viability of smaller jobs or jobs in rural and remote areas.

Thankfully, having to trade-off capabilities and features for compact size is now a thing of the past for pneumatic tyre rollers – thanks to the innovative new CP1200W pneumatic tyre roller from compaction specialists Dynapac.

Speaking about the new Dynapac CP1200W, Chris Parkin, National Product Manager – Pavers & Feeders with Australian Dynapac distributor Construction Equipment Australia, commented: “When it comes pneumatic tyre rollers, the new CP1200W really does deliver the best of both worlds.”

“It delivers the ideal combination of a compact, heavy-duty chassis and great manoeuvrability, with versatile performance and a full range of features and capabilities that you’d normally only expect to see in a much larger machine,” he said.

The smallest of Dynapac’s series of pneumatic tyre rollers, the CP1200W is ideally suited for jobs of all sizes – from small car parks and patch work to large highway works – and can be used for chip-sealing, compacting asphalt for sealing purposes, and to compact base, sub-base and stabilised soil.

Available with either ROPS or a full factory air-conditioned cabin, the Dynapac CP1200W has also been designed with a view to maximising both safety and ease of- operation. The unit comes standard with a 180-degree rotating and sliding operator’s station which allows the operator to swivel the control console 90 degrees to the left or right side of the machine, as well as an asymmetric platform allows for the seat to be slid to either for maximum visibility, comfort and convenience. All switches and controls are clearly visible and within easy reach, with the switch cluster following the seat movement, making the unit both easy and comfortable to use.

The ROPS has been designed so as not to obstruct the operator’s view, allowing them to keep an eye on the finest details, while also being able to stay aware of movements close to the machine.

“The CP1200W can deliver a raft of benefits to large and small jobs, both in terms of compaction performance and in helping to reduce transport and logistics costs,” Chris Parkin said.
“Together with its outstanding compaction capabilities, the CP1200W’s compact size makes it extremely easy to float. In many circumstances, due to its short length, it can be transported together with a double drum roller on the one trailer. This not only helps to reduce the overall ‘carbon footprint’ of a project, it can also deliver substantial savings in transport and logistics costs, including a reduction in fuel consumption and costs, and a reduction in the total number of heavy vehicle movements required to get equipment to and from jobsites.”

With the basic unit weighing in at 5,215kg to 5,570kg (depending on canopy / cab options), the CP1200W has a range of additional ballast options, including water, wet sand or Dynapac’s Flexible Steel ballast system, up to a total weight of 13,200kg. Importantly, the CP1200W has been designed to ensure that the ballast is distributed evenly to provide the same ground pressure on front and rear tyres, regardless of whether water, sand or steel is used.

The CP1200W is also equipped with 10.5/80-16 wide-base tyres which help to reduce lateral movement of the soil particles, reducing any rutting effect the tyres may cause in the material and offer a greater compaction width compared to the more traditional 7.50-15 tyre profile.

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